Moving Day


14TH MAY 2017

This past Sunday marked the first of what we hope will be many gatherings of Grace Church Leith in our new venue.

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After six years of growth brought us to full capacity at our previous venue, plans were made to move our Sunday worship to a larger venue. After many months of praying, planning and preparing, we were able to gather for the first time at 31 Bangor Road this past Sunday in Leith, where we will now be meeting regularly.


It was an exciting time for us as a church to set ourselves up somewhere new. The building was filled with our usual bustle, greetings and chatter as folk came to get things ready early in the afternoon.

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We were joined this Sunday by Reuben Hunter, church planter and minister of Trinity West Church in Shepherd’s Bush, London. Reuben gave a talk looking at Jesus’ words to His followers about how to respond well to pressure while they waited to see God’s kingdom fully in the future, at Jesus’ return.

We were reminded how important it is to stay clear on who Jesus is and remain focused on following Him, despite there being many things to distract us - even the ordinary busyness of our lives. Picking up on Jesus’ words, Reuben emphasized the importance of prayer for staying close to Jesus and staying faithful to Him in times of difficulty.

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(Click here to listen to Reuben's talk - 'Faithful People')

This was a great reminder for us as a church as we look to follow Jesus faithfully in the coming months and years, to help us to continue loving God, loving one another and loving the people of Leith even when pressure mounts.

We were so glad to welcome many friends and visitors who gathered with us, and got to chat together over coffee and cakes after the meeting. The day drew to a close at Leith Links where many of us went afterwards for a picnic and games in the sun.

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This Sunday marked a new beginning of sorts for the church. Writing to the church, minister Athole Rennie commented, ‘a move to a new venue is a significant change. It’s a change that will no doubt take some getting used to, but it’s a change that I’m excited about and I hope will enable us to more fully live out our values as a church.’

For all the change however, much has remained unchanged: ‘Our vision is to Know, Live and Serve—to love God, to love one another and to love the people of Leith, and that vision goes with us wherever we go. It’s a vision that transcends any building we might inhabit. I am convinced that that if we keep that vision at the forefront of our church life, then Grace Church Leith will continue to flourish wherever we go; because at the heart of that vision is a deep desire to know Jesus and make him known to the people of Leith.’

We look forward to the coming weeks as the church continues to adjust, and pray that this move would indeed help us to live out our values as followers of Jesus in Leith.

If you’re in Leith, we invite you to come and join us Sundays, 4pm at 31 Bangor Road, Leith—we’d love to welcome you! Click here for more info.

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