True Friendship Reading Groups – Thursday 1st September


With the help of Vaughan Roberts’ True Friendship: Walking Shoulder to Shoulder (10Publishing, 2013), we’ve spent time over the last couple of weeks considering our vital need for true friendship. Groups are meeting for the final session at 7:45am and 9:30am on Thursday 1st September.

It’s a need that shines through in the joy we feel when we’re around our closest friends, and throbs painfully in our loneliness. Friendship, says Roberts, is not an optional extra- it’s part of our make-up. We’ve been made in the very image of God, in whom perfect, loving relationship has always existed between Father, Son and Holy Spirit- “God is love” (1 John 4:16).

But often good friends are hard to come by; friendship is a need we struggle to meet. And if we’re honest, we’re not always the kind of friends we’d like to be. True friendship requires a great amount of wisdom. Turning to the wisdom of the Proverbs then, Roberts shows how applying God’s wisdom to our relationships strengthens our search for true friendships throughout life.

And not only do we find wisdom in God, but the ultimate friendship. How much truth Jesus’ enemies unwittingly spoke, observes Roberts, when they accused Jesus of being a “friend of tax collectors and sinners” (Matthew 11:19). In Jesus Christ, God reconciles people to himself who are naturally alienated from Him and separated from His perfect love; His friendship is the most precious, costly gift.

As we read this book together we want to take an honest look at our friendships, think about how the Bible’s wisdom can help us develop true, lasting friendships, and seek Christ himself "in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge” (Colossians 2:3).

Groups will next meet on Thursday 1st September at 7:45 and 9:30 respectively.

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True Friendship: Walking Shoulder to Shoulder (2013), Vaughan Roberts. Published by 10Publishing.