Grace Church Leith gathers each Sunday at 4pm at Ebenezer Church, 31 Bangor Road, Leith. 

If you visit us you can expect a time of singing, a time of prayer, and a talk explaining a Bible passage. 

People stay around afterwards to chat over coffee and cake which is also available before our meeting from 3:30pm. We think you’ll find we are a friendly, welcoming bunch of people.

We look to present the Christian message in a language that everyone can understand and to make our meetings accessible to all, no matter how little experience of church you might have.

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Where are we?

Grace Church Leith meets at Ebenezer Church, 31 Bangor Road, Leith.

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The church is located in the heart of Leith, just off Great Junction Street, and is easy to reach by bus.

Bus numbers 7, 10, 14, 21, 34 and 36 all stop round the corner, on Great Junction Street.

Buses 12,16, 25 and 49 stop at the foot of Leith Walk, a 10 minute walk away.

We are about a 10-minute drive from Edinburgh city centre. There is free parking available in our car park and along Bangor Road on Sundays.

Grace Church Leith
31 Bangor Road


Grace Kids Activities

Creche (age 0-2 years)

The children in the Crèche on Sundays at church and on Tuesdays at Explorers are looked after by parents/carers.  A short singing time and Bible input will take place as is age appropriate. On Sundays, an audio of the service happening upstairs is piped into the creche room.

Sunday Club (age 3 years upwards)

Junior (pre-school), P1-2 and P3+ Sunday Club meets during the Sunday service with a focus on taking the children through the Bible. Our lesson time together involves singing, Bible story, age appropriate crafts and games that reinforce the Bible lesson.

Children’s tables and chairs are set out at the back of the main hall in the tea & coffee area, to give parents/carers the option of giving their child(ren) some food at that time.

Explorers (age 3 years upwards)

Explorers meets every Tuesday afternoon at 31 Bangor Road from 4pm to 5pm during school term time and has a focus on learning truths about the Christian faith. After the session, a simple dinner is provided for 50p for the children to enjoy together. Please contact if you would like to come along to Explorers.

Toddler Mornings (age 0 - pre-school)

Our Easter, Christmas, and summer Toddler Mornings are events for children aged 0 to preschool.  The mornings consist of crafts, activities, singing and a Bible story.

Opportunities to connect (all ages)

Grace Church Leith really values opportunities for friendship throughout the week. Meeting in homes for playdates, at the park or in cafes for coffee all happen regularly.  Please email if you would like to get connected with other families in the church.


All our volunteers are PVG checked through the Free Church of Scotland and are members of Grace Church Leith.

Church Life: visit, connect, community, church, service, children, family, faith, questions, contact, friendly, welcome, Sunday

Church Life: visit, connect, community, church, service, children, family, faith, questions, contact, friendly, welcome, Sunday



As a church, our first priority in every ministry is to bring glory to God. This leads us to seek to glorify God through caring for the children in our church and community, seeking to introduce them to the love of God and the hope of the gospel from their earliest days. 

We regard the children of Christians (or of one Christian parent) as vital members of our covenant church community, and thus we seek to encourage them in their faith with the same zeal that we encourage adults. We believe all children are incredibly important to God, capable as much as any adult of knowing, loving and serving Him (Luke 18:15-17, Acts 2:39). We seek to welcome and include children from both Christian and non-Christian backgrounds in our ministries.

We seek to help children in our church and community know, love and serve God through providing them with regular opportunities to hear the Bible and gospel explained in an age-appropriate manner (weekly at our Grace Kids and Explorers groups), regular fellowship and fun activities (both organised and informal gatherings throughout the week), and through supporting and befriending their families.



Our beliefs lead us to endeavour to do the following:

• Minister to the whole family. One of the best ways we can be a blessing to the children in our church is to support and equip parents and families in their efforts to raise their children to know and love God. Scripture commands parents to bring their children up in the “training and instruction of the Lord” (Ephesians 6:34), and as a church we seek to assist parents in faithfully obeying this call.

•  Be gospel-centred in our approach. We recognise that it is possible for our children to learn every Bible story and know the answer to every Sunday school question, and still not understand and love the gospel. Therefore we want to be intentional in sharing the gospel message through all of our teaching and interactions with children.

• Equip children with a solidly biblical foundation. Just as we believe in the centrality and importance of growth in biblical knowledge for adults, so we believe that children have the same need for the Word of God in their lives. We therefore seek to ensure that they receive developmentally-appropriate teaching and guidance in the Scriptures, both at home and at church gatherings. 

•  Include children in the life and community of the church. We want to ensure our children are being engaged in our times of worship, teaching, prayer, fellowship, and service as a community. 


If you’re interested in learning more about Grace Church Leith, have questions about the Christian faith, or just want to get in touch, email

Please send any correspondence to our office address:

Grace Church Leith Office
15 North Bank Street
The Mound